Consider an Italian Course for your Fall 2023 Semester!

March 17, 2023

Still unsure about what you'll be taking for Fall 2023 semester? Consider an Italian course! Our instructors and professors are offering many exciting and interesting courses that will expand your view on Italian culture, history, food, theatre, fashion and more. Start from the beginning with Italian 101 or cross off one of your required GenEds with Italian 160D1 "Food for Thought in Italian Culture". Unsure about what to choose? Reach out to our Undergraduate Advisor, Professor Lilia Coropceanu at or the Director of Italian Studies, Professor Aileen Feng at For course descriptions, check out this link. Hopefully, we'll see you next fall! Ciao!

Italian Language Courses:

ITAL 101 Elementary Italian I                                    ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian I (hybrid)

ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II                                  ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian II (hybrid)

Tier 1 GenEd (online):

(7W2) ITAL 150B1 The Holocaust in France & Italy (EP Social Scientist)

(7W1) ITAL 160B1 Italian Perspectives: Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages

(7W1) ITAL 160D1 Food for Thought in Italian Culture (Building Connections)

Tier 2 GenEd (online):

(7W1) ITAL 230 Introduction to Italian Culture (Building Connections)                             

ITAL 231 Fashion & Culture in France & Italy (Building Connections)       

(7W2) ITAL 250C Intermediality: Italian Theatre, Opera, & Film (EP Humanist)

(7W1) ITAL 330B Once Upon a Time in Italian American Cinema (EP Artist)

Upper-Division Courses in Italian:

ITAL 301 Advanced Italian Conversation through Media

ITAL 310 Italian Encounters: Spoken Italian in Context

ITAL 410 Words and Worlds: Italian Literature and/or Film

All 200-400 level courses count towards the minor & major in Italian!