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Oct. 10, 2022

Want to get ahead on your degree during Winter break? Consider taking some Italian courses and fulfill your Degree Requirements! Check out what's being offered below!

All classes are FULLY ONLINE. In-State tuition for all in Winter Session! 

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Tier 2 Individuals & Societies/GenEd - Diversity Emphasis (Cross Listed):

ITAL 231 Fashion and Culture in France and Italy (Building Connections)
Dr. Kaye

ITAL 330D Empowered Women in Italian Literature and Culture (EP Humanist)
Dr. Gaspar

Tier 2 Humanities:

ITAL 230 Introduction to Italian Culture (Building Connections)
Dr. Bellocchio

ITAL 240 Folklore and Popular Culture (Building Connections)
Dr. Bellocchio


Questions? Reach out to Professor Aileen Feng at or Professor Lilia Coropceanu at

All 200-300 level courses count towards the minor & major in Italian!