Join Dolce Vita!

Aug. 17, 2022

Want to be a part of the "Sweet Life"? Then join the University of Arizona's Italian Club, DOLCE VITA!! 

Dolce Vita is a UA student-run cultural organization that celebrates Italian culture. Our members embrace and spread our love of the Italian heritage through cultural activities. We strive to live the good life (la dolce vita)! 

Join us on Friday, September 16th for our official Welcome Event

*details will be sent out at a later date, but please feel free to email our Student Officers or email 

Plans for the Fall Semester (2022) include:

-Welcome Event

-Pizza Night

-Conversation Opportunities

and MORE!


Please feel free to reach out to any of our officers (listed below) if you have any questions.

Student Officers:

President: Helen Hoffart -

Vice President: Sofia Soliman -

Treasurer: Kira McNeill -

Event Director: Lauren Degner -

Social Media Director: Nicolas Mazziotti -

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Borbala Gaspar -


New Member Fee: $8

Returning Member Fee: $5

*fees cover food and event costs


Follow our Instagram: @dolcevitaclub_