Jessica Polsky


I double majored at the U of A in Dance and Italian, graduating both magna cum laude in 1998. My career immediately following was in NYC and on tour throughout the world as a Broadway and musical theatre performer. My Italian proficiency finally combined with my performing career when I was invited to move permanently to Italy to star on an Italian primetime network TV sitcom some years ago, which lead to great success and notoriety. That role won recognition as Best Actress of the TV Season (a U.S. Emmy equivalent) and lead to many other highly visible and successful TV, film, and theatre projects. I am now established in Italy with an active presence as both an actress and host/TV personality in the entertainment industry. I have been awarded Cultural Ambassadorship from the Italian Parliament in recognition of the impact my bi-continental work has in bridging and strengthening the ties in the industry between the two countries. I have also just finished filming a movie with Danny Glover in Italy which will have worldwide distribution.