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Gaspar, Borbala

Borbala (Borbi) Gaspar earned her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (language use, pedagogy and an interdisciplinary minor in Italian literature). She also holds an MA degree in ELL (UofA), and a B.A. degree in Teaching Italian as a Foreign language from Szeged, Hungary. She has been teaching Italian for more than fifteen years at all four undergraduate levels at the University of Arizona.

Her research focuses on how (underrepresented) language learners maneuver through social and symbolic power as they gain agency, use their imagination and engage in pedagogies such as project-based learning, task based, (multi)literacies, living literacies and social justice.

Besides her teaching and research interest she has been regularly organizing Italian movie nights, cooking nights, and Italian mini poster conferences for learners of Italian. She is the faculty advisor of the student-run Dolce Vita Italian club

As a Slat (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching) affiliate faculty, she takes on the role of mentoring first year Phd students. 


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Gaspar B., Negretto G (2022): Incorporating Social justice materials and technologies into existing curricula to enhance the experience of undergraduate, first year, Italian learners LINK: 

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Cavatorta B.; Bellocchio L.; Gaspar B. (forthcoming): Italian in Wonderland online textbook



Currently Teaching

ITAL 201 – Intermediate Italian I

Continued skill development; reinforcement of basic language skills.

Continued skill development; reinforcement of basic language skills.

Continued skill development; reinforcement of basic language skills.

ITAL 202 – Intermediate Italian II

Continued skill development; reinforcement of basic language skills.

ITAL 102 – Elementary Italian II

Listening, speaking, reading and writing; an introduction to the basic structures and vocabulary of Italian, continuation. (Does not count toward the Italian major or minor.)