Double Majors and Dual Degrees

Italian at the University of Arizona collaborates with other units to make it easier for students to graduate with double majors and/or dual degrees. Through special agreements, some courses can count for both degrees, allowing students to complete two majors within four years and be more marketable graduates on the global job market.

Even outside of these particular combinations, students who pursue a double major in Italian and another discipline often have the opportunity to double-count two or more courses toward the completion of both majors. Check with your advisors for more information.
Students earning double majors stand out to employers and graduate and professional schools as having a more comprehensive education providing the skills to think creatively, navigate complex projects, take initiative, provide innovative solutions, lead collaborative teams and communicate effectively with a diverse range of people.



Agreements allow students to share some course requirements for the following double major/dual degree combinations:

Italian and Global Studies Double Major

For students who wish to double major in Italian and Global Studies, courses applying toward both majors can be double counted, as long as the requirements for each major are met.

GLS/ITAL double majors should discuss with their advisors options for double counting courses toward both majors, including the following courses:

  • ITAL 230 - Introduction to Italian Culture
  • ITAL 310 - Spoken Italian in Cultural Context
  • ITAL 320 - Written Italian in Cultural Context

Italian and World Literature Double Major

Students who wish to double major in Italian and World Literature may take up to 15 credit hours (5 courses) that will count toward satisfying the requirements of both majors.  The student will still need to fulfill all the core and area distribution requirements for both majors.

WLIT/ITAL double majors may double-dip up to 15 credits (5 courses) for both majors from the following courses:

  • ITAL 250A - The Italian Middle Ages (formerly, Italian Literature in Translation: The Middle Ages)
  • ITAL 250B - The Italian Renaissance (formerly, Italian Literature in Translation: The Renaissance)
  • ITAL 250C - Intermediality: Italian Theatre, Opera, and Film (formerly, Italian Literature in Translation: Italian Theater)
  • ITAL 250D - Italian Literature in Translation: The Novel
  • ITAL 410 - Italian Fiction/Film
  • ITAL 431 - The Divine Comedy by Dante



  • Italian and Anthropology
  • Italian and Biochemistry
  • Italian and Business Administration
  • Italian and Business Economics
  • Italian and Classics
  • Italian and Communication
  • Italian and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Italian and English
  • Italian and Fashion 
  • Italian and Film and Television
  • Italian and French 
  • Italian and Geography
  • Italian and History
  • Italian and Journalism
  • Italian and Law
  • Italian and Molecular & Cellular Biology 
  • Italian and Nutritional Sciences
  • Italian and Physiology
  • Italian and Political Science
  • Italian and Pre-Psychological Science
  • Italian and Psychology
  • Italian and Public Health
  • Italian and Public Management & Policy
  • Italian and Religious Studies
  • Italian and Spanish 
  • Italian and Studio Art
  • Italian and Theatre Arts

If you are interested in any of these combinations or would like information on a grouping that is not listed above, please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors who can guide you through the process.