Placement Exam and Proficiency Exam (Credit-by-Exam)

For students with backgrounds in Italian language, the Italian Placement Exam and Proficiency/Credit-by-Exam are offered every January and August before the start of the academic semester.  For information regarding  the format, please contact the department directly at or (520) 621-7349.


Please consult your academic adviser to decide which exam is best suited to your specific degree requirements.


Italian Placement Exam 

The Placement Exam in Italian is used only for placement into a course at the appropriate level. No credit is given for placement exams.  The exam consists of two parts:

  1. Online Italian placement exam taken on the LPPE website
  2. Oral exam on Zoom with Prof. Cavatorta (only required for students who place into ITAL 102 or higher on online placement exam).    

If you did not test into ITAL 102 or higher on the online placement exam, you do not need to sign up for an oral exam. 


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Italian Proficiency Exam (credit-by-exam)

The Proficiency Exam is used to show proficiency in a language and can be used to wave your degree's second language requirement. No credit is automatically given for proficiency exams unless you elect to complete the *credit-by-exam procedures (see below).  The Proficiency Exam consists of three parts:

  1. Online Italian placement exam taken on the LPPE website
  2. Oral exam with Prof. Cavatorta
  3. In order to to receive credit on your UA transcript for the ITAL language courses you test out of, you will need to complete the Credit-by-Exam paperwork (Application for Special Examination) and pay the associated fees to the Bursar’s Office.  Through this option, you can earn credit for ITAL 101 (4 units), 102 (4 units), 201 (4 units), 202 (4 units) based on the results of your online placement exam and oral proficiency exam.  After your oral proficiency exam Prof. Cavatorta/Prof. Feng will walk you through the paperwork and next steps.


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For any scheduling questions regarding the oral proficiency interviews, please contact Prof. Cavatorta

Other resources and information:

  • Graduate Translation Exam (Italian):  Graduate students requiring an Italian translation exam for their MA or PhD degrees should contact the department:  or (520) 621-7349.  Graduate translation exams in Italian take place in January and August, and are only administered to UA graduate students
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