Nailed it! Virtual cooking event, Nov 2021

November 18th, 2021

Students of Italian gathered together for a virtual cooking event right before Thanksgiving to cook different Italian dishes together. They signed up before the event and chose a recipe from the list (or brough their own choice) using the Italian website:

Participants were encouraged to visit the Campus Pantry if they needed support to gather ingredients. Some recipes that required minimal use of utensils and appliances were also included.

On the day of the event, participants were divided into small groups (breakout rooms) and they prepared the dishes together with their group members.

The recipes they cooked included: Brushetta (Ricetta 1), cacio e pepe (Ricetta 2), carbonara (Ricetta 3), pasta al pesto (Ricetta 4), but also some unique dishes such as l'insalata pantesca (a recipes from Pantelleria island) and Frico (from Friuli Ricetta 5) and two desserts, Crostata alla Nutella (Ricetta 6) and Torta tenerina (Ricetta 7).

Organizers, Giulia Negretto and Borbi Gaspar, were delighted to see the beautiful dishes students were able to create and they enjoyed connecting with everyone by virtually cooking together in their own kitchen.