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  Italian Movie Nights


      Join the Department of French & Italian on the UA Mall (between the Student Union and

      Chemistry building) for an outdoor screening of Dario's Argento's film Suspiria.

      Friday, 29 Oct 2021, 8-10PM. 

      This event is free and open to the public.  Please RSVP:  




Italian Cookout 

During this interactive and hands-on cookout event students in ITAL 202 & ITAL 301 have the chance to get to know many different traditional Italian recipes while they learned about the regional diversity of the Italian culture. This event is made possible thanks to an SFI Grant and the Lab Program Coordinator Constance Bell’s amazing support. See Pictures from the 2019 event

Nailed it! Allacciate il grembiule e cuciniamo insieme!

Put on your apron and join Dr. Borbala Gaspar & SLAT PhD student Giulia Negretto for an Italian cooking night!  Hosted online during COVID-19, Nailed it!  brings students of Italian together to prepare dishes made from Italian recipes.  Student-cooks learn to make dishes from the various regions in Italy, from Roman spaghetti alla carbonara to Ligurian pasta al pesto, and everything from antipasti to dolci

See pictures from previous events: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Spring 2022

Spring 2022 event:  Coming soon! 

Questions? Please email the hosts: &

Italian Poster Conference 

See Pictures from the most recent event

Dolce Vita Club (student-run Italian club)


Dolce Vita Club is a UA student-run cultural organization that celebrates Italian culture. Our members embrace and spread our love of the Italian heritage through cultural activities. We strive to live the good life (la dolce vita)! There are no plans for the Fall Semester (2021), but check back next semester! During the Spring Semester (2022) we will have virtual connections, recruitment and exciting in-person events such as caffè night, pizza night, karaoke and many more. Please feel free to reach out to any of our officers if you have any questions.

Follow our Instagram: @dolcevitaclub_

President: Helen Hoffart (

Vice President: Sofia Soliman (

Secretary: Elisabeth Gregory ( & Abby Roos (

Treasurer: Kira McNeill  (

Event Director: Abby Roos (

Social Media Director: Arabella Gonzalez (arabellag@email.arizona)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Borbala Gaspar (

See pictures from our events: March 2021